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Let My Rivers Go!

Ryan Kieta, Real Design's Founder and Principal, is profiled in the current edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine, America's leading publication for urban design + planning! 

In his piece "Let My Rivers Go," journalist Zach Mortice visits Johnstown, Pennsylvania to cover Vision2025, the community's award-winning and internationally recognized urban planning and development initiative, which Kieta has been involved with since inception in 2015.

Mortice narrates Johnstown's efforts to plan for its growth and development via grassroots engagement. In just three years, Vision2025 under Kieta's leadership has mobilized thousands of Johnstown residents and attracted millions of dollars in local, state, and federal investment. 

Mortice also writes about Kieta's perspective and involvement as a landscape architect using his design skills to facilitate a massive community planning program. 

"Kieta is working at the intersection of landscape design, planning, community engagement, and public-private partnerships," writes Mortice. "[He] is the rare landscape architect who's been handed the reins of a major urban redevelopment initiative - touching every facet of public life - just around his 30th birthday."

Read the full story here.


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