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Real Design Landscape Architecture is a full-service landscape architecture and land design firm located in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

We specialize in the analysis, planning, design, management, and nurturing of both manmade and natural environments.

Free 2D CAD Figures for Architectural Renderings!

This month, we're launching our latest endeavor: Land.Arch.Blog!

This blog will give us an opportunity to offer design and planning resources to professionals, students, and aficionados across the world! We’ll update Land.Arch.Blog regularly with news of the firm as well as resources and goodies available for download for free!

Our first freebie (available now!) is a downloadable collection of AutoCad figures that look great in architectural drawings and renderings. These figures were cobbled together by staff at Real Design over the years. They’re perfect for students and pros to quickly insert into CAD drawings and photoshop renderings.

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